Digital Payments

Unified Digital Payment Platform

Selecting MoWiz as your digital payments solution grants you access to our mobile payment app, ElParking, a user friendly application that simplifies and facilitates the parking payment process for both users and parking operators.

Are you looking for the app? For more information about how to use the ElParking app, click here.

What is ElParking?

ElParking is a smart system that provides solutions for drivers, parking companies, and public entities. Using web and mobile apps, ElParking offers drivers the ability to park and allows them to pay for the parking spot regardless of whether it is private or public parking.

ElParking also offers tools for parkings facilities administrators so they can publish and market their unoccupied spots online and manage their facilities on the cloud while drivers can access the parking lot through their phones without needing to print vouchers or scan codes.

For public entities, ElParking offers a smart on-street parking platform that allows drivers to pay for parking quickly and easily by phone and provides real time parking data that cities can use to improve the urban mobility landscape.

How does ElParking work?

The driver downloads the ElParking app on their smartphone to locate a parking spot. The driver selects your parking spot based on real time pricing and availability information.

The driver pays for their parking time. The driver has the ability to extend their parking time, make future reservations, or purchase longer term parking permits offered by the manager.

The parking manager has control of contracts, access points, occupancy and income. The parking manager also has access to reports and real time data on occupancy and turnover rate.

What does Mowiz’s digital payment platform offer operators?

MoWiz’s digital payment platform, ElParking, makes it easier to reach customers through the web and app. ElParking gives operators the ability to adapt to supply and demand in real time while simultaneously improving customer experience. ElParking eliminates the need for printed reservations or parking tickets.

Control of your Parking Operations at your Fingertips

Parking managers are not only able to accept digital, contactless payments, but are also able to take control of their parking operations and adjust their operations based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Additionally, MoWiz offers a full suite of scalable parking solutions for parking managers that are looking to expand or streamline their current operations. MoWiz is able to centralize all of your digital payment, parking meter, and enforcement back offices into a single platform, effectively giving you control of your operations.

Check out our Parking Management Platform page for more information or contact us directly to see what MoWiz can do for your business.