MoWiz Payments

Comprehensive mobile parking payments solution for parking professionals

parking payments via the MoWiz app


Streamline Parking Payments

MoWiz is a user-friendly parking payments app that facilitates the payment process for drivers and operators. Operators are able to publish and manage their parking facilities in real time on the cloud.

Drivers are then able to access real time parking availability and pay for parking from the convenience of the MoWiz app. In addition to parking payments, drivers can access and pay for services that are offered by the operator through the app.

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Managing different types of parking payments?

We’ve got you covered

on demand parking payments

On Demand Parking

MoWiz provides real time parking availability so drivers can quickly and conveniently access parking when they need it.

parking payments for reservations


MoWiz has created a user-friendly reservation engine that can also accommodate demand based pricing models.

parking payments for permits


Operators are able to create and manage daily, weekly, or monthly permits for their parking facilities.


Become the parking facility of the future

Become a Vehicle Services Hub

The MoWiz app can handle automated access for gated parking lots, electric charging payments, valet payments, and so much more. An app that can also manage these added value services provides operators with a way to redefine the spectrum of services available within parking facilities.

Enable Citation Payments via the MoWiz App

Bundling MoWiz Payments with MoWiz Enforcement alerts drivers when they’ve received a citation and allows drivers to pay for tickets through the app. This product bundle provides operators with automated ticket alerts and an accessible payment channel.

Leverage Smart Technology

Smart technology such as license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and smart boots can be employed in addition to the MoWiz app to provide a smarter and automated parking management system.


We can help simplify business parking expense management.