Comprehensive Parking Enforcement Services

MoWiz provides a full suite of enforcement services to help you more effectively manage your parking operations. From supplying your enforcement officers with the tools they need to provide up-to-date enforcement to developing integrations with your current parking services providers, MoWiz can help you improve your compliance and citation payment rates.

Our enforcement offerings include ParkXplorer, our cloud based real time enforcement platform and the SUITS Smart Mobile ANPR System, our comprehensive LPR technology.

ParkXplorer: Real Time Enforcement Software

MoWiz’s cloud-based enforcement solution, ParkXplorer, was designed to facilitate citation issuance and payment processing. For drivers, ParkXplorer’s notification and payment processing system simplifies the citation payment process.

For parking managers, ParkXplorer’s management of vehicle enforcement data equips officers with real time data and easy to use tools that they need to monitor and regulate parking operations. Accurate enforcement data paired with a user friendly payment process paves the way for improving compliance and maximizing your parking operations.

Improve Compliance & Payments

Accurate Enforcement Data
ParkXplorer consolidates data from handheld enforcement devices, parking meters, occupancy sensors, plate recognition cameras, and data entered by users. It manages and processes the data and displays real time, user-definable enforcement data.

Citation Issuance
Parking enforcement officers are equipped with the tools they need to quickly and effectively monitor parking. ParkXplorer’s features include, but are not limited to enforcement officer route design, occupancy studies, maintenance reporting and tracking, collections management, and personnel management.

Payment Processing
Parking managers can significantly improve the citation payment process by adding our digital payment app, ElParking, as a citation notification and payment channel. Alternatively, our development team can work with you so that ParkXplorer is integrated with your current pay by phone provider(s).

Automate Enforcement

MoWiz has partnered with SUITS, to offer the latest in license plate recognition (LPR) technology.

SUITS Smart Mobile Portable ANPR System

  • Black/white camera with IR illumination for license plate reading
  • Color camera for context images
  • Color video stream in standard formats (H.264 and MPEG4)
  • IP66 and external laboratory approval for on-board operation
  • Integrated WiFi and GPS communications
  • Vehicle battery power supply (12VDC with <15W consumption)
  • External connection to 3G / 4G router
  • Possibility of mounting on a magnet base (removable solution)
  • Single interface for system operation, access to any function with just 1 “click”
  • License plate clipping, transcription, context image, and geolocation (coordinates or cartography)
  • Acoustic confirmation sounds, warnings, etc.
  • Generation and management of lists (white, black, environmental labels, etc.)
  • Manual or automatic capture
  • Bluetooth control on steering wheel
  • Integration in proprietary systems (web services and database)

Smart Parking Integrations

MoWiz offers completely integrated parking solutions, therefore we understand the importance of an integrated parking operation. Our development team will work with you to integrate ParkXplorer with your current parking management systems.

Additionally, MoWiz offers a full suite of scalable parking solutions for parking managers that are looking to expand or streamline their current operations.

Check out our Smart Parking page for more information or contact us directly to see what MoWiz can do for your business.