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Chrono is a multi-space parking meter that provides a smarter parking payment experience

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Smarter Parking Meters

MoWiz has partnered with Blinkay Technologies to offer the Chrono parking meter. Through several years of development and testing, the Chrono has been manufactured to provide the latest innovations in parking meter technology.

On its own, Chrono boasts an array of powerful features that facilitate parking payments, however integrations with MoWiz’s complementary services unlock unprecedented parking meter features.

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What makes Chrono different?

Chrono’s Features

Real Time Communication

Chrono is able to communicate in real time 24/7 through any mobile network GPRS/3G/4G/LTE, WIFI, 232/485 or Ethernet. The Ethernet/485 is used to control the charging posts of electric vehicles.

10.4″ Color Touch Screen Display

The multimedia touch screen provides an easy-to-use payment channel that boasts an optimized user experience and establishes a closer relationship with the end user.

Green Technology

The Chrono is powered by solar energy providing a greener, environmentally friendly meter. Additionally, Chrono’s pollution sensors capture atmospheric and acoustic contamination and creates a real time map of pollutants.


Bundle Chrono with MoWiz Enforcement

Maintenance Alerts

Chrono’s integration with MoWiz Enforcement alerts maintenance teams to meters that require on-the-go repairs or regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

Citation Payments

Chrono’s already established integration with MoWiz Enforcement allows drivers to look up and appeal or pay any issued citations on Chrono’s easy-to-use touch screen.

Expedited Meter Collections

MoWiz Enforcement optimizes cash collections routes and cuts expenses through efficient and dynamically created collections routes.

Inventory Tracking

MoWiz Enforcement provides provides inventory tracking for parking meter hardware, so operators can make informed decisions about replacement parts restocking.

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