Parking Meters

MoWiz’s Parking Meter Solution

MoWiz has partnered with Blinkay Technologies to offer the CHRONO parking meter. Through several years of development and testing, the CHRONO has been manufactured to provide the latest innovations in parking meter technology.

On its own, CHRONO boasts an array of powerful features that facilitate parking payments while optimizing user experience, all of which are further enhanced via integrations with MoWiz’s complimentary lines of business.

CHRONO Parking Meter

CHRONO uses a new multimedia touch display with an embedded camera to provide cutting edge features including:

  • Powerful tablet microprocessor that allows users to navigate through the 10.1” color display quickly and efficiently
  • The ability to recognize gestures
  • Serving as a point of access that offers information and services provided by the parking manager or municipality
  • Scanning promotional coupons
  • Pollution sensors including, but not limited to PM1, 2.5, 10 NO2, O3, and CO2

Added values features available through the CHRONO:

  • Sale and reloading of public transportation tickets or cards
  • Payment of fines and municipal fees

Streamline Parking Payment Processing

In addition to parking meters, MoWiz offers a comprehensive digital payment solution that is directly integrated to the CHRONO. Parking managers will not only able to accept digital, contactless payments, but will also be able to take control of their parking operations based on key occupancy metrics and up-to-date operational data.

MoWiz offers a full suite of scalable parking solutions for parking managers that are looking to expand or streamline their current operations.

Check out Digital Payments page for more information or contact us directly to see what MoWiz can do for your business.