MoWiz Smart Parking Solutions

End-to-end integrated smart parking solutions for optimized parking operations


Smarter Parking Management

With MoWiz’s smart parking solutions, parking professionals can harness the power of integrated smart parking technology that unlocks operational efficiencies, maximizes parking assets, and revenue generation.

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Parking Solutions


MoWiz, a user-friendly parking payments app, facilitates the parking payment process for parking operators and elevates the driver’s experience through added value private vehicle services.

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Parking Meters

Through several years of development and testing, MoWiz’s Chrono parking meter has been manufactured to provide the latest innovations in parking meter technology and hardware.

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MoWiz’s enforcement solution is powered by machine learning algorithms that collect and process enforcement data to provide actionable insights into the status of parking operations.

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The MoWiz Platform provides an open interface that consolidates all of the connected parking parties in a single platform, keeping core business decisions under the operator’s purview.

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Smarter, Integrated Solutions for Parking Professionals

Integrated Revenue Streams
MoWiz provides parking professionals with an end-to-end integrated parking management system that provides real time, actionable insights into the various parking revenue streams, so operators can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Streamline Daily Operations
MoWiz’s smart parking solutions tackle parking’s toughest challenges with innovative cutting edge technology and hardware that expedite every facet of parking management and maximize efficiency.

Redefine the Spectrum of Parking Services
MoWiz can accommodate electric charging payments, valet payments, car detailing payments, and so much more to redefine the spectrum of services available within parking facilities and, ultimately, elevate the driver’s experience.


Smart Parking Solutions Benefits

Increase Compliance

Bundling Payments with Enforcement allows drivers to pay for citations from the convenience of their mobile phone. This pairing effectively creates a citation notification and payment channel that can drive compliance up 20%.

Create Additional Revenue Streams

The MoWiz app can accommodate electric charging payments, valet payments, and so much more to both elevate the customer experience and to provide gateways for additional revenue streams for the parking operator.

Automate Manual Processes

Smart hardware such as licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras and smart boots can be employed to provide a smarter, automated, more efficient parking management system.

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